Fattoria Fazzuoli grows vineyards on a plot of six hectares that is set along the Valdarno cliffs, where they can benefit from a long and constant exposure to the sun. The grape varieties that are grown here are typical[1] of Chianti, including Sangiovese and old varieties like Colorino, Canaiolo and Pugnitello that have been integrated with new varieties like Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah.

The wine is the result of several factors, including the different varieties and clones of grapevines, the composition of soil, the mechanics of processing, fertilisation, vine training systems (pruning, green harvesting, etc.) and the vinification processes that take place in the cellar.

Since 1996 the Fattoria produces grapes and wine following the principles of organic farming. The wines are certified by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification (ICEA for its acronym in Italian) and by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).

Fattoria Fazzuoli produces the following wines:

The Reserve Chianti is marketed three years after the grape harvest, once it has aged in a oak wine barrel and smoothed in the bottle.

Poggio delle Ginestre, the most precious wine of the Fattoria, comes from carefully selected grapes. Grapes are handpicked and then go through vinification with a long maceration. Later on wine ages in an oak barrel before it smooths in the bottle. Organic.

Pugnitello, a vine variety of ancient origin, got its name from the fist-like shape of its bunches of grapes. In Italian fist is pugno and pugnitello means small fist. Because this variety only produces a limited number of small bunches of grapes, that’s to say it is low yielding, its cultivation was abandoned a long time ago. However the concentration of the vine’s energy in such small and few grapes in the hilly terroir of the Valdarno, makes for a very intense wine in all of its aspects. The oak barrel phase enhances and completes this wine’s fruity quality while the time it spends smoothing in the bottle, reveals special scents. Tasting this wine sends us back to an ancient and fierce Tuscany, that can still be felt today.

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